Magnolia CMS review

Magnolia CMS is a free and open source content management system (CMS) written in Java. It’s simple to use and easy to extend, making it ideal for small to medium-sized websites. With Magnolia CMS, you can create and manage your website’s content with ease. 

Plus, thanks to its modular design, Magnolia CMS is also highly scalable, so it can grow with your website. So if you’re looking for a CMS that’s both easy to use and scalable, then Magnolia CMS is the perfect choice.

Magnolia CMS open source

Magnolia CMS is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a powerful, yet easy to use open source Content Management System. With Magnolia CMS, you can easily manage your content and keep your site up to date with the latest information. Magnolia CMS is also very flexible, allowing you to easily create and manage multiple websites from a single installation.

Magnolia CMS system requirements

Magnolia CMS is a widely used open source content management system (CMS). It is written in Java and can be run on any major operating system. Magnolia CMS is known for its ease of use, flexibility, and scalability.

To run Magnolia CMS, you will need:

– A computer with an Internet connection

– A Magnolia CMS account

-Java Development Kit (JDK) 

– Magnolia CMS requires Java 8 or higher. We recommend that you use the latest JDK from Oracle. You can find it at:

– A Magnolia CMS License – Magnolia CMS is free and open source software, released under the GNU General Public License (GPL). However, if you want to use Magnolia CMS for a commercial project, you will need to purchase a license. Magnolia licenses are based on the number of users accessing the system. 

Magnolia CMS Enterprise Edition is required for Magnolia Cloud.

– A Magnolia CMS Supported Web Application Server – Magnolia CMS runs on any major Java web application server. We provide support and enterprise-level support for Tomcat, Jetty, and WildFly.

If you want to use Magnolia CMS in a production environment, we recommend that you consult with a Magnolia Partner. A Magnolia Partner can help you with the installation, setup, and configuration of Magnolia CMS.

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