PrestaShop CMS review

PrestaShop is an open-source, content management system (CMS) built on top of Symfony framework. It offers ecommerce services through its easy website builder and robust function library – all without the need for expensive third party plugins!

The CMS itself can be downloaded completely free by anyone who needs it or wants to use this great software platform as part of their business plan; however if they want access beyond these features then there are paid plans available too which provide even more benefits such as dedicated support teams available 24/7 should you ever require them.

PrestaShop hostory

PrestaShop has been the best open-source ecommerce solution since 2010 and 2011, when it won an award for its Best Open Source Business Application. The company was founded in 2007 by Igor Schlumberger and Bruno Lévêque with support from a large community which plays key roles not only on development but also marketing levels as well!

PrestaShop business model

The project lead for PrestaShop has been transparent about their business model. They are both free, open source software that anyone can download and use without charge–this circumstance contributes largely towards ways of monetizing the development team’s work through extensions or partnerships with notable players in ecommerce markets across various verticals.

PrestaShop features

CMS PrestaShop is the ultimate solution for online stores. Not only does it offer hundreds of built-in functions, but with its partnership program you can add more features and abilities on top!
If your business needs an easy way to create professional websites without any technical knowledge then look no further than this fantastic software that will be able take care everything from payment processing all way down into designing product pages in order make sure customers are happy.

PrestaShop Themes

The CMS Prestashop comes with a primary theme in its arsenal, which is based on responsive design. This means that if you want to support mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets while maintaining your site’s appearance regardless of what device someone visits it from – this option will suit their needs perfectly.

Install your own theme to make the site uniquely yours. Whether you’re looking for an elegant business or a more casual blog, there are many pre-made skins that can be downloaded and used on top of the default design in order change up how it looks without having any technical knowledge at all!

PrestaShop modules

With the help of additional modules, you can expand your CMS Prestashop’s basic functionality. For this users need to install extension module from control panel and develop add-ons based on specific needs or tasks they want completed with ease.

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