Shopify CMS review

Shopify is an eCommerce website builder that has gained particular popularity in the Western market.

The product was developed by Canadian company based out of Ottawa, Ontario and it’s known officially as Shopifys platform where entrepreneurs can create their own stores easily with just a few clicks!

Shopify development history

Shopify was founded by several people, including Tobias Lütke. After trying to create an online store that sold snowboarding equipment in 2004; he realized there were unsatisfied needs for eCommerce products on the market at his time so instead created shopify with open source Ruby On Rails based environment where developers can develop their own site without any coding knowledge needed which launched its first version June 2006.

Shopify features

Shopify provides an end-to-end solution for eCommerce stores that want to take advantage of all the features available on their platform.

Services include:
platform creation, payments & marketing tools like Facebook Ads Manager or Google Adwords; order processing and delivery with customer acquisition capabilities through Buy Stage Frrolekts app (for iPhone), Instagram Merchant App ;or Signals Pro.

Shopify templates

You can find the perfect one for your store. Don’t know where to start? Check out our top three picks:

  • The Minimalist Shopify Template: This template is perfect for stores that want a clean, simple look.
  • The Shopify Ecommerce Template: This template is perfect for stores that want an all-in-one solution.
  • The Shopify Business Template: This template is perfect for businesses that want to sell online.

Not sure which template is right for you? Shopify’s experts can help you choose the perfect template for your store. Contact us today to get started.

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