Error – Your website doesn’t seem to be liked by Google. This may have something do with the ‘noindex’ marking on your site, which can be fixed through changes in HTML code or other factors that affect SEO rankings for certain keywords

The reason why I’m sending this over? Well lately when browsing online there has been some issues…I found out about it from reading up more so than anything else but what does ‘No index?’ mean??

What does the error ‘noindex’ mean?

If you submitted a URL to Google that was marked as “noindex,” it means that the page shouldn’t be indexed by search engines. This could be because the content on the page isn’t relevant to searchers, or because the site owner doesn’t want the page to appear in search results. In either case, you won’t find the page when you search for it on Google.

How to fix the ‘submitted URL marked noindex’ issue

If you’re seeing the ‘submitted URL marked noindex’ error in your Google Search Console, don’t panic! This is usually an easy issue to fix.

First, check to see if the page in question is actually set to ‘noindex’. You can do this by using the Google Chrome Inspector tool. Simply right-click on the page and select ‘Inspect’.

Once you have the Inspector open, look for the ‘robots’ meta tag. If it says ‘noindex’, that’s why you’re seeing the error.

To fix this, simply change the value of the ‘noindex’ tag to ‘index’. You can do this by double-clicking on the tag and changing the value.

Once you’ve done that, save your changes and re-upload the file to your server. That’s it! The ‘submitted URL marked noindex’ error should now be fixed.

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