With over 7% of all websites being built with the help of WooCommerce, it is not surprising that this plugin has become so popular. The wide selection in templates and extensions make them easy to use while also providing many options for users looking forward or trying something new!

The cost of a website can be heavily discounted when it’s designed and developed using an established, popular content management system. That is because more developers are available to help with the project – meaning lower support costs for you!

The history of WooCommerce is as interesting and long-lasting a plugin for WordPress that it’s no wonder more than 100 million websites use this incredible tool.

The project began in 2010 by three friends, who were fed up with other ecommerce platforms at the time–they wanted something faster to develop plugins for their own projects without having an expensive team or access expensive developers like others did!

WooCommerce features

Not for nothing, a few percent of sites using WooCommerce make it to the list of top million websites. The plugin was initially developed by Mike Jolly and James Koster before being taken over by its owner -WooThemes- who hired these developers soon after their success with other plugins in need; since then thousands more have been activated across all industries worldwide!


I can’t say that I’m surprised by this development, but if you previously had doubts about using the WooCommerce plugin to build your e-commerce site now might be a good time for reconsideration.

Woocommerce templates

It’s almost impossible to find a suitable template for your e-commerce business without individual customization. With so many developers creating templates related to WooCommerce, it is difficult indeed count the number of them available on sites like Themeforest or Envato Market Place!

The market for WordPress themes is saturation-leveled with over 1,000 options available on Themeforest and 500+ within the official repository at WP willing to go live right away.

The world’s leading ecommerce engine has many plugins that are specifically designed by its team of creators who understand what it takes in order create successful stores across all industries including retail or restaurant business models – whatever you’re running!

Extensions for WooCommerce

The popularity of WooCommerce has been fueled by advanced templates developed for WordPress. The base component is free, making it available to all users without paying any fees or subscriptions; however the commercial features manifest in additional extensions and plugins that can be purchased through their website if needed – which provides them another source income apart from ad revenues generated off these offerings alone!

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